Charlottesville High School sophomores Trevon Jackson, AJ Stouffer, and Jerry Harris are inseparable on the basketball court and off, and May 29 was a typical day for the friends.

“I texted Jerry, went over to his house and picked him up, then came over to the armory and started playing basketball,” said Stouffer.

A typical activity was about to turn terrifying.

The boys were playing a four-on-four game with some other guys at the Key Center downtown when suddenly Harris, a strong athlete, wasn’t in the game.

“We were running back down the court and his hands were on his knees,” Stouffer said. “I was like, Jerry, are you good? I turned back around and then I just heard a big thump on the ground.”

Harris was gasping for air and losing consciousness.

Jackson said when he saw his friend lying there, he immediately recalled the CPR class he took at Buford Middle School. As Stouffer yelled for gym staff to call 911, Jackson started lifesaving measures.

“I tried to make sure he was breathing and everything and then AJ told me to check his pulse,” said Jackson, who overcame his fear to take action. “At first your’e kind of panicking cause you don’t know exactly what’s going on. Then I just relaxed and tried to take care of my friend.”

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

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