Be A Local Hero

At the heart of heroism is the simple intuitive faith that action can make a positive difference. Every day, the University of Virginia Emergency Department bears witness to acts of courage and selflessness—not only of emergency responders, nurses and physicians but also of individuals who “happen to be on the scene” of a crisis or disaster. The primary purpose of the Be a Local Hero program is to educate our community about potential health hazards, effective preventive measures, and appropriate bystander responses to emergency situations during those critical moments between the call to 911 and the arrival of first responders. We also celebrate our “local heroes”, those individuals in the Emergency Department and in the wider community whose actions made a difference when they were most needed.

Improving Patient Care

The Emergency Medicine Center for Education, Research and Technology Advisory Board (EMCERT) is a non-profit board comprised of community volunteers. EMCERT’s strategic mission is to support the UVA Emergency Department in order to improve patient care and practice. Dr. O’Connor, Department Chair of Emergency Medicine at the University of Virginia, and his team have identified community education as key to improving patient outcomes.